How do I take these products?

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For best results take this in the morning on an empty stomach. Make sure your mouth is clear of all food particles (rinse your mouth with water before use). Hold 30 drops (2/3 of a dropper) under the tongue for 90 seconds, swish around your mouth for an additional 30 seconds and then swallow the [...]

Why aren’t the products in a capsule?

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Our formulas are not encapsulated because capsules do not provide the best form of absorption into the body. For instance traditional tablet or capsule absorption is greatly affected by stomach acid, intestinal absorption and liver metabolism. These three processes can lower absorptions rates by 90-99%. Growth factors cannot be administered in an oral tablet; they [...]

Why are the products packaged in glass bottling?

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We only use amber glass bottles that prevent the harmful effects of sunlight from degrading the bioactive components of the extract. The all-glass environment prevents the polypeptides from binding to things like plastic containers and tubing used by most spray velvet antler products. Growth factor molecules tend to bind to plastic and not glass, so [...]

I am taking other supplements (ex. protein powder, multi-vitamin, joint formulas), can I still take these products in addition to my other non-prescription supplements?

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Yes, none of our products will interfere with other supplements and Hydro Cell can actually enhance the absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals, allowing you to take less of them and get a more potent effect. However, we recommend that before taking any nutritional supplement you first speak to your doctor or healthcare provider.