Better Sleep Means Better Aging

Sleep is the ultimate healing activity we can participate in for our bodies. Nothing works to fight the signs of aging, maintain a healthy weight, and achieve mental clarity quite like a good night of sleep can. However, as we age, it can be increasingly difficult for us to get good sleep. Poor sleep habits lead to irritability, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic illness, diabetes, depression, strokes, brain function impairments, weight gain, behavioral issues, sleep disorders, and a faster aging process.


When we sleep, in those first few hours, our bodies release growth hormones. Sleep hormones are dependent on the release of these initial growth hormones, and when that supply sits at healthy levels, we have a better sleep. Once we hit age 30, the level of the important growth hormones decreases. In fact, it is one of the main reasons adults aren’t sleeping well.


These growth factors signal proteins in our bodies that perform many important functions like cellular repair, metabolic regulations, inflammatory responses, and overall sleep patterns.


When you feel like there is no way to get on the path back to healthy sleep, BioPro+ CortiSleep PM, a natural hormone treatment, can help.


It is an anti-catabolic sleep support formula that promotes deeper rest by combating the issues naturally treating poor sleep. It contains effective, safe, and non-habit-forming natural ingredients that help deliver better sleep from the first use. By supplementing your body’s lack of vital growth hormones, you can get the energy back to not just survive but to live and enjoy life.