BioPro+, The Easier Natural Hormone Solution

BioProtein Technology’s advanced formula in BioPro+ for natural hormone treatment makes it faster, easier, and safer to get back to feeling like yourself. BioPro+ is a non-synthetic alternative to painful, invasive, and expensive anti-aging treatments. With the ability to regulate the body’s natural sex hormone production, our formula assists with:


  • Raising glutathione levels

  • Improving immune responses

  • Repairing DNA

  • Promoting advanced protein absorption

  • Supporting cell differentiator

  • Supporting cell proliferation


A matrix of 13 genetically activated growth factors is used to bring results, along with a one-of-kind amino acid profile. The formula found in BioPro+ can help balance hormones, secret insulin sensitivity, and increase mitochondria and nucleic acid production, creating a system modulator. BioPro+ can help regulate, rebuild, and regenerate your hormones at a cellular level, creating lasting results that help you look and feel your absolute best.


Each order is physician-approved and can be ordered from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. No time-consuming appointments at the doctor’s office, no excruciating line in the waiting room, just a simple click-to-order method. Tell us the issues you are struggling with the most, and we will make recommendations on the best solutions for you.


You will get 28 individual daily doses sent to you. Our technology will also provide you with daily automated reminders so you never miss a dose. Want to track your progress? We have an interactive tracking calendar that can help you do just that.


Shake each dose before use, then place under your tongue, holding for 90 seconds and making sure everything in the vial is released, then swallow. It really is that easy!