BioProtein Technology is a national manufacturer and wholesale distributor of nutritional products specializing in bio-identical growth factors. BioProtein Technology works with wellness and alternative medicine physicians that offer natural alternatives to HGH, PRP injections and other popular anti-aging therapies. These products do not require prescriptions or injections and can be used safely by the patient at home without the clinic’s administration.

Our natural formulas meld Traditional Chinese Medicine mainstays with the manufacturing technology of the 21st century. This allows clinics to compliment and expand patient services with natural and affordable therapies that provide substantial results. These results include slowing down the aging process, enhancing quality of sleep, weight loss, and muscular endurance, improving immune function, helping libido, increasing mental focus and much more.

The company initially imported raw material from New Zealand, but inconsistencies with the quality prompted the purchase of mid-western United States elk and deer farms.  The purchase created the only vertically integrated antler extract company in the world.  Being vertically integrated enables BioProtein Technology to control the entire process of the growth factor and velvet antler extract production, creating the raw material rather than purchasing it and creating a product strength not possible before.  The company’s patent pending extract is the most nutrient dense and strongest velvet antler extract available anywhere.

From its initial velvet antler extract growth factor product, the company expanded its unique product line by developing products to supplement medical therapies including:  stem-cell therapies, PRP, IV therapies, botox/dermabrasion, detox, and weight-loss programs. The product line also includes physician grade vitamins and minerals.

BioProtein Technology uses only the highest quality all natural raw materials, no binders, chemicals, or fillers, and no raw material that has been touched with GMO, or other potentially harmful materials.

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