Anti-Aging Supplements: Fact vs. Fiction

If it is starting to seem like the face you see in the mirror doesn’t match the age you physically feel, you may have begun looking for anti-aging supplements. With an abundance of choices, it can be nearly impossible to know which product will actually make you look and feel younger, and which is a [...]

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What Are The Effects of IGF-1?

Before taking any new supplement, like IGF-1, you should always look into possible side effects so you know what to look out for. In addition, you should talk to your doctor about any possible interactions between medications you are already taking. At Bio Protein, we are one the leading manufacturers of velvet antler extract in [...]

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How Can D3-K2 Help You?

We all know how beneficial natural vitamins are, not only because they do not contain any artificial additives but also because they are readily available over the counter; these supplements offer a variety of advantages. However, when it comes to supplementing, many people are unaware of which ones to take. One of the most popular [...]

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The Importance of A Good Night’s Sleep

Many people use natural sleep aids to achieve better sleep. On average, adults are supposed to get between 6-8 hours of rest a night but research shows we only get about 4 hours. Without the proper amount of REM, our bodies cannot properly function or process new information, which could lead to serious short and [...]

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Why You Should Take Velvet Antler Extract

As the only vertically integrated company for velvet antler extract in the world, at Bio Protein Technology we get a lot of questions from people curious about VAE and the abundance of health benefits it offers. And as a national manufacturer and distributor of nutraceutical and biochemical growth factor products since 2001, we make it [...]

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Benefits of Deer Antler for Patients

The benefits of Deer Antler for patients today cannot be understated. Also known as deer antler extract, or velvet antler extract (VAE), it is considered a raw superfood that is packed with growth factors that can be used for medicinal purposes—thanks to its wide range of health benefits. Although it might sound strange to those [...]

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How Can Nutraceuticals Help Me?

If your patients have been coming to you complaining of feeling sluggish or disappointed that their current diet isn’t getting them the results they’d hope, it might be time to start the introduction to nutraceuticals. This type of supplement is defined as a food, or food product, that provides health and medical benefits, including the [...]

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IGF-1—How Will It Help Me?

To better understand how it can help you, let’s first take a look at exactly what this growth factor is, where it comes from, and what it is used for. IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), also sometimes referred to as “somatomedin C” or “sulfation factor”, is a 70-chain amino acid sequence, naturally occurring growth hormone that [...]

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What are Natural Supplements?

In this day and age, people are becoming increasingly aware of the positive effects that natural supplements can have on their bodies. These products aim to boost the nutritional content of your diet and promote a healthier lifestyle by adding extra vitamins, minerals, proteins, or carbohydrates to your daily intakes. They are not meant to [...]

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Deer Antler FAQs

With so many myths and wrong information in the media right now concerning deer antler products and their benefits, at Bio Protein, we want to set the record straight. We know that our products are effective, but we also know people can be (understandably) weary of natural supplements. This is why we are here to [...]

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