If your patients have been coming to you complaining of feeling sluggish or disappointed that their current diet isn’t getting them the results they’d hope, it might be time to start the introduction to nutraceuticals. This type of supplement is defined as a food, or food product, that provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of certain medical conditions.

If you believe your patients could benefit from nutraceuticals, look for a supplier of quality products near you. When selected carefully this supplement can offer:

  • An increase in healing potential – A growth factor is a natural substance that has the potential to increase cell growth, healing and metabolic growth. Using a product with concentrated growth factors, such as something rich in Velvet Antler Extract, is most recognized for providing benefits by decreasing recovery time after workouts and injuries and therefore can help those who may suffer from muscle pain and lack of bone density. It can also improve immune function, sleep, skin, hair and nail quality.
  • Effective sleep support – Those people who can’t seem to fall asleep at night may be recommended a sleep enhancer. Without proper rest, the body cannot rebuild body tissue, which is crucial in slowing the aging process. Deep sleep patterns will, in turn promote fat loss, enhance mood, and reduce stress levels in the body. Great sleep will benefit any diet, but sometimes enhancers can be recommended to help mildly suppress appetite and preserve lean muscle mass.

Finding the Right Products

Doctors and other health practitioners know that sometimes patients just can’t always achieve their goals on their own. Supplemental nutraceuticals can help consumers be successful in reaching optimal health without the side effect of synthetic medication.

At BioProtein Technology, we manufacture and distribute multiple nutritional products that help support a healthy lifestyle. Our extensive line of products is safe to use at home, does not require prescription, and does not need the aid from a clinic for the administration. To learn more about BioProtein technology and our nutraceuticals, give us a call at 800-895-4415 to learn more.