Healthcare providers and wellness practitioners all across the United States are providing their patients with BioProtein Technology’s IGF-1 product line because of the wondrous ways it improves health and overall wellbeing. However, some doctors are still hesitant because they lack sufficient knowledge about the product and how it can improve their patients’ quality of life.

The insulin-like growth factor used in our products is something the human body produces naturally, but as the body ages, the production levels often decrease. If you’re seeing patients coming in with complaints of fatigue, low libido, poor immunity, or other symptoms of aging, it is important that you know how BioProtein Technology’s nutraceuticals can improve their overall health and minimize symptoms of aging.

What to Expect from IGF-1

The benefits of IGF-1 supplements are numerous and varied. Every patient has a unique combination of issues as he or she ages; likewise, each patient will see different benefits from adding the growth factor into his or her daily routine.

Some of the benefits your patients can expect to see from our product line are as follows:

  • Better mood, memory, and mental acuity
  • Regulated sleep patterns
  • Speedier recovery from illness and injury
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Improved bone density and muscle mass
  • Superior relief for menstrual or menopausal discomfort

Should You Anticipate Any Side Effects?

Unlike many synthetic heath products that chemically manufacture growth factors for consumption, our products are all natural. Our IGF-1 comes directly from velvet antler extract, an all-natural raw superfood harvested from elk antlers. Because our products only use raw ingredients without any synthetic additives, there is no risk of your patients experiencing any side effects with our product line.

Become Part of the BioProtein Technology Team

If you are a doctor who is sick of writing out prescriptions for chemically-engineered pharmaceuticals, or you are a wellness professional looking to provide clients with a holistic approach to wellness, call BioProtein Technology today to become a distributor.

We want only the top industry professionals selling our products to ensure that consumers are being fully educated about IGF-1 before consuming it. If you’re interested in this opportunity to provide patients with the best supplements on the market, give us a call today!