At BioProtein Technology, we are now offering our deer antler extract products to wellness consultants, healthcare practitioners, and alternative medicine physicians in New York City, and all across America. Also known as VAE (velvet antler extract), this dietary supplement offers a wide range of health and medicinal benefits to patients of all ages and conditions.

Natural Therapies for Patients

With more people today than ever before seeking safe and natural therapies for various health products and supplements, it is important that physicians and consultants have access to safe and affordable solutions to offer them. We offer nutraceutical products that can be used as safe alternatives for:

  • HGH, PRP injections
  • Botox/dermabrasion
  • Detox/weight-loss programs
  • Anti-aging products
  • And more

Deer antler extract offers countless health benefits. Although this product may seem relatively new to health practitioners throughout New York, it has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine because it is packed with active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, protein, collagen, lipids, and growth factors— including the master growth factor, IGF-1. It comes from the whole cartilaginous antler (in the pre-calcified stage) of the mature, male elk we raise on our own farms in Idaho, with different pieces offering different benefits.

What Are The Benefits?

Taken as a supplement, deer antler extract is one of the most nutrient-dense supplements available today and can be used to help with a wide range of health-related concerns, such as:

  • Improve immune system and adrenal functioning
  • Balance hormones and metabolism
  • Speed up injury recovery
  • Increase muscle development and strength
  • Improve focus, mood, memory and quality of sleep
  • Enhance sex drive and fertility

Because these products are natural, no prescription is needed—allowing patients to safely administer the deer antler extract themselves at home.

Our Unique Extraction Process

Since 2001, we have been a national manufacturer and distributor of nutraceuticals, specializing in bio-chemical growth factors and anti-aging products. Backed by extensive research, we are confident in the powerful effects of our antler extract and other supplement products. We are happy to offer an exclusive line with low volume private labeling to health practitioners and wellness consultants in New York City and all over the United States that allows them to expand their patient services and offerings. All of the materials we use are raw—which means no binders, fillers, or GMOs. We even package our deer antler extract in amber glass bottling to prevent the damaging rays of the sun from degrading bioactive components in the extract, and polypeptides from binding (which it can do with plastic packaging). It also comes in liquid form to allow for maximum absorption into the bloodstream.

At BioProtein Technology, we do not outsource anything. We oversee every step of the extraction process—from birth of the elk to the bottling of extract. Our full control gives us the ability to produce the safest, highest quality of products to provide clinics across with the nation with natural, affordable and—best of all—effective therapies. Some of our clients include Body Logic MD, Nava Health & Vitality Center, and the Age Management Institution.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of deer antler extract in New York City or anywhere else in the country, or want to learn more information about our safe and effective product line of nutraceuticals, give us a call at BioProtein Technology today.