With so many myths and wrong information in the media right now concerning deer antler products and their benefits, at Bio Protein, we want to set the record straight. We know that our products are effective, but we also know people can be (understandably) weary of natural supplements. This is why we are here to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding antler extract.

  1. Why should I take a product that is made by hurting animals? You shouldn’t (we know we wouldn’t want to). However, this is not a concern at Bio Protein because our farming process is not harmful to the elk at all. While some companies will use methods that are painful or stressful, we would never even consider that. When we harvest the antlers, the entire process is safe, painless, and stress free for our animals.
  2. What is the different between elk and deer antler products? While the products will generally be very similar, we only use elk antlers for a few key reasons. First, elk will typically be healthier than deer, so they will have a longer life. Secondly, elk are much larger than deer, meaning their antlers are much larger as well, so we can make more products with fewer antlers.
  3. What fillers are in your products? None! All of Bio Protein’s products are all natural—all they have in them are antler, herbs, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids.
  4. Why are the antlers so important? Deer antlers are the only mammalian organs that will regenerate yearly. What this means is that, after the antler are removed by us, or they get too heavy and fall off, the deer or elk will grow a new pair. Antlers are packed full of growth factors, including IGF-1, which has shown to be a very effective natural supplement.
  5. What are the effects? Our products have a variety of benefits, and even more positive reviews. Once you begin supplementing, along with following a regular exercise regime, you will begin to see a decrease in body fat along with an increase in energy. Some of our products can help with healing injuries (instead of masking the pain), while others have been beneficial in helping you deal with your menopause symptoms. Check out our products to see how you can benefit!

At Bio Protein, we are confident in our elk and deer antler products, because we control the entire process—from conception of the elk to the harvesting to the specific bottling process. This control gives us the ability to know that only good ingredients go into your body.

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