With more people “on-the-go” than ever before, it is not wonder why natural sleep aids are in such high demand. Many people need some help with falling asleep because, for something we do every night, for whatever reason it doesn’t always seem to come easy. Did you know that human is the only mammal to actually resist falling asleep? Many Americans today report problems with sleep— about 70 million to be exact. Whether it is because they are unable to fall asleep, or because they wake up frequently during the night, sleep disturbance shouldn’t be ignored.

Most adults require a minimum of 7-9 hours of rest a night, and without it, our health suffers—from our immune system functioning to our mood and mental clarity, to our metabolism and weight. And while it is important to make sure one is able to fall—and stay—asleep for a certain number of hours every night, it is just as important to make sure their methods in doing so are safe.

Natural Sleep Aid: The Healthier Alternative

Some people feel comfortable taking prescription medication for sleep, or “sedative hypnotics” such as benzodiazepines or barbiturates. But these are not always the best, or safest options. Many doctors are wary about writing such prescriptions because they are often accompanied by negative side effects, such as sleep walking/talking, grogginess the next day, headaches, constipation, dry mouth, and so on. Barbiturates actually depress the central nervous system, and benzodiazepines are habit-forming.

That is why at BioProtein we offer natural sleep aids that are non-habit forming, safe, affordable and, best of all, effective! As with all of our nutraceutical products, our Remabolic supplement is made using only natural, organic, and raw materials and ingredients. Our vertically-integrated company is committed to providing health clinics with the highest quality of products so their patients can experience the maximum benefits from our products.

Natural Sleep Enhancer

Our Remabolic natural sleep enhancer has anti-catabolic factors that work to promote deep sleep and decrease stress levels. When taking our natural sleep aids, not only will patients benefit from deeper REM cycles, but they will also benefit from the regenerative and anti-aging properties they offer. Because our products are packed with hormones like IGF-1, which helps to lower stress hormones and balance muscle and fat building ones, they are a great supplement for those who could benefit from a safe alternative to sleep disruptions.

Our natural sleep aids are also even more effective when paired with VAE (velvet antler extract) or Sub L Tropin (for hormone balancing). It is important for people to know what options are available to them for better rest, especially if they are not a good candidate for pharmaceutical drugs and medications. If you think your clients could benefit from offering our products, give us a call at BioProtein today to find out how you can become a distributor!