Here in the U.S., many California doctors are unfamiliar with the practices of Eastern Medicine. These days, doctors primarily use western practices in which their focus is dealing with illness and diseases using industrially produced medications and strict procedures. Examples of this are conventional medical treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, and physical therapy. These practices play an obvious positive role in our health, but eastern medicine focuses on more than just the parts of our bodies that need physical mending. Sometimes called traditional Chinese Medicine, it focuses on the body as a whole entity and aims to create wellbeing by cultivating harmony in every aspect of our lives and reducing stressors that negatively impact our health.

We at BioProtein Technology recognize the positive benefits of integrating eastern medicine into our traditional healthcare practices. We create products made from natural ingredients that have been staples in these practices for thousands of years. There are plenty of companies out there that try to tell you that their products are all natural and that they will perform miracles for your health. BioProtein Technology is different because all of our nutraceutical products are backed by research and we are confident that they will provide excellent results when used alongside a healthy lifestyle.

Eastern Medicine as an Alternative

Eastern medicine aims to encompass every aspect of your life with optimal health and harmony through natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. These processes have been around and working for thousands of years and we believe they can still have a positive impact on our lives today. Instead of taking numerous pain pills throughout the day to attempt to numb pain, why not try to heal the source. Eastern medicine aims to find this source and repair it. Stressors in our family lives, work, and school can cause negative consequences to our health. The techniques aim to treat all of these aspects so we can feel that we are wholly healthy overall. To accomplish this, our natural products should be taken regularly, not just when there is something majorly wrong.

Velvet Antler Extract and its Benefits

At BioProtein, we believe that a deficiency of growth hormones is a major cause of decreased energy and weight gain in the people of Los Angeles. Even though our bodies naturally produce growth hormones, we are often not aware when the lack of production is causing our illnesses. We believe that Velvet Antler Extract is the perfect remedy for these maladies. Deer antler velvet has been an integral part of Eastern medicine practices since 168 B.C. and it has been growing in popularity in recent years. Moose, elk, and deer grow their antlers fast and frequently because their antlers are full of growth hormones like IGF-1. Once they have grown for a year, they fall off and start growing back. By harvesting the antler extract we give our bodies back the hormones it is missing and the results are an increased healing time, a decrease in body fat, an increase in energy and more. People who have used the extract have cited improved sleep, skin, hair, and nail quality as well. The process is completely painless to the animals and we are able to control every aspect of the process to ensure that our product is of the highest quality.

BioProtein Technology

At BioProtein, we would never put our name behind a product that is not rigorously tested and has not proven successful. We believe in these natural practices such as velvet antler extract because they have stood the test of time. If you would like to learn more about improving your wellness through whole body care, contact us to learn what eastern medicine practices and BioProtein Technology can do for your life.   We are currently looking for distributors in Los Angeles, California, and all over the Unites States to offer our products. If you run a doctor’s office, wellness spa, anti-aging clinic, or any type of medical practice, and you think your patients would benefit from our products, call us today!