While many of the residents of the United States will only see a doctor if they are not feeling well, practitioners of Eastern Medicine will advise that you visit them, no matter how you feel. This is mainly due to the difference of opinions on what a doctor’s role is. In the Western world, doctors are only there to make you not feel sick anymore, whereas Eastern physicians are there to ensure whole body wellness, 365 days of the year. At BioProtein, we believe there is something to be said about whole body wellness, which is why we manufacture velvet antler extract, an ingredient that has been used in China for more than two thousand years.

The Eastern Medicine Perspective

To put it simply, Eastern Medicine believes that harmony brings health, and disharmony causes disease and illness. Disharmony can be caused by anything, from stress, poor diet and exercise, to problems at work or at home. A physician practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine will look at every aspect of your lifestyle to determine the best, most appropriate path to wellness. And in addition to making you healthy when you are sick, TCM will work to increase your overall health and wellbeing.

If you visit a TCM practitioner for chronic headaches, for example, instead of simply prescribing you a pain killer, they will focus on you, not the symptoms. They will attempt to find the cause of your headaches, whether it is stress, not enough sleep, poor diet, or something else. In addition, since this practice is focused on whole body wellness, many of the treatments will benefit your entire body, like velvet antler extract.

This supplement has been used for thousands of years, and is second only to ginseng in popularity in Eastern Medicine. Instead of treating one specific affliction, velvet antler extract will offer a variety of health benefits, from hormone balancing to anti-aging to increased recovery times after injuries and workouts. It also helps support a healthy immune system along with cognitive functions, so you can start to experience total body and mind wellness.

BioProtein Technology

At BioProtein, we believe that there are a huge amount of benefits to be enjoyed by supplementing with natural remedies. In addition to the health advantages, our products will not cause any negative side effects like prescription medications can. And while you should always consult with a doctor before taking anything new, our supplements are readily available without a prescription.

Velvet antler extract is rich in IGF-1, which is a naturally occurring growth hormone. Although our bodies produce IGF-1 already, the levels can start to decrease as we age, leading to a deficiency. If you have started to notice more and more wrinkles, along with a decrease in energy, you may be IGF-1 deficient.

Many different health practitioners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, from chiropractors to wellness spas and anti-aging clinics, have begun to see the many benefits that can be gained from Eastern Medicine techniques. Medical Age Management in Southern California has been using our products Sub MIC and Sub L Tropin, and has reported marked increases in weight loss, as well as hormone modulation and support for their patients.

For more than 10 years we have been offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to sell our products in their offices and clinics, and now we are looking to expand. If you are interested in this opportunity, contact us today.