If you want to begin taking deer antler supplements, you are probably trying to find the very best ones on the market. We know that if you are passionate about only putting natural ingredients into your body, finding the highest quality of ingredients is important. That is why at BioProtein Technology we have worked so hard to perfect an ancient recipe in order to be able to offer our customers the highest quality of supplements available on the market.

The Best Deer Antler Supplements

We take our job seriously and work hard every day to create the very best quality of supplements available so we can confidently claim that our deer antler supplements are the best. However, don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few key facts about our amazing products:

  1. They are all natural. More and more manufacturers these days are switching to synthetic ingredients in order to cut costs. Not only does this defeat the purpose of taking natural supplements, but it opens people up to the risk of harsh side effects. Many of the negative reports you hear about deer antler and IGF-1 are actually referring to the synthetic versions.
  2. We use elk instead of deer. While it may sound odd to use elk to make deer antler supplements, we had a good reason for doing so. Deer are smaller and generally less healthy than elk, which leads to them living shorter lives. Since the elk are larger, their antlers are larger, so we can harvest more extract from less animals. And, since they are healthier, we believe this leads to a better product.
  3. Locally and humanely made. Instead of importing our VAE from New Zealand like many other companies, all of our elk are raised on our own farm in Idaho. We can control the process of creating our deer antler supplements from birth to bottling, ensuring the animals live happy, healthy lives, which leads to a better product. In addition, we have a veterinarian oversee all harvesting to make sure that the process is stress free and painless for the animals.
  4. Sold by professionals. Instead of offering our products in stores where people can purchase them and not know what they are buying, we have doctors and health professionals act as distributors to sell to their patients. This way, both the seller and purchaser can be fully educated about the product and its benefits.

BioProtein Elk Antler Supplements

At BioProtein Technology, we have worked hard over the past 10 years to create the very best deer antler supplements. From the natural ingredient list to switching to elk and producing it in the US, we are confident in our claims.

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