Hormones are the body’s chemical messaging system, produced in the pituitary glands in the endocrine system. They help regulate many vital processes in the body, such as metabolism and reproduction. However, many adults will struggle with hormone imbalance in their lifetime – nearly 47% of Americans ages 30 to 60.


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Hormone imbalances happen when there is too much or too little in the bloodstream, and because they play such an essential role in nearly every other system in the body, even a slight imbalance can cause ripple effects. Common side effects include weight gain, fatigue, weak muscles, depression, anxiety, infertility, and decreased libido. Many people experience an imbalance of hormones due to certain medications, stress, injury, or tumors. Diabetes and thyroid issues can be caused by hormone imbalance and may even further it. Aging can also play a role in throwing off your hormones.

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BioPro+ is formulated to slow down the aging process and boost estrogen or testosterone levels. Velvet Antler Extract, a key ingredient in BioPro+’s advanced formula, can reduce the signs associated with senility brought on by hormone imbalance.

In addition, BioPro+’s physician-approved medicine helps produce growth hormones, the primary hormone in the endocrine system. Growth hormones decrease significantly as we age, especially after 40 years. Its decline can be attributed to wrinkles, grey hair, lower energy levels, weak bones, and other illnesses. By slowing down the aging process, you can help your body function at healthy hormonal levels.

BioPro+’s formula helps slow down the aging process and balance hormones, helping you feel younger and healthier. Our sublinguals soak directly into the bloodstream for fast-acting results – an advanced formula you can’t find just anywhere. With ongoing physician support and quick delivery, you can get on your way to being the healthiest version of yourself in no time.