We all know how beneficial natural vitamins are, not only because they do not contain any artificial additives but also because they are readily available over the counter; these supplements offer a variety of advantages. However, when it comes to supplementing, many people are unaware of which ones to take. One of the most popular options is vitamin D, which we get from the sun. Although this supplement is available in nature, more than half of all Americans still have lower levels than they should!

At Bio Protein Technology, we want you to be as healthy as possible and to benefit as much as possible from our products, which is why we manufacture our natural vitamins to contain both vitamins D and K. Recent research has shown that when these two are taken together, they allow for many more health benefits than they do when taken alone.

What Can Natural Vitamins Do?

Separately, they each play different roles, but together vitamins D3 and K2 enhance each other to play the important role of properly utilizing calcium in your body. We have known for years that vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, but it is in fact K2 that directs the calcium to places where it is needs, like your bones, rather than places it isn’t, like your organs or arteries. This combination of natural vitamins not only strengthens your bones, but also reduces the amount of buildup in your arteries, which means better heart health!

We do not believe in overloading our bodies with artificial, toxic chemicals, which is why all of our products are completely pure; you will only find naturally occurring ingredients. In our D3-K2 supplements, we also use peppermint oil and organic olive oil to allow for a better delivery system and absorption rates.

Staying Healthy, Naturally

For years, we have been helping doctors provide their patients with a safe, proven alternative to expensive prescription drugs. From menopause relief to sleep aids, and everything in between, we can help you keep your body healthy, using only natural vitamins and supplements.

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