At BioProtein Technology, we know that new supplements and products can be confusing. You’ve heard about the amazing benefits of velvet antler extract, which is packed full of IGF-1, a growth hormone that helps with fat loss, energy levels and muscle building. But you may not know where to start or which product will be best for you. We have taken the time to explain some of our most popular products to help you know what will help you the most.

Derma T Tropin

This concentrated group of growth factors comes in two versions: one for recovery and one for anti-aging. The Topical Recovery Serum will help you treat problem areas to promote tissue healing and help reduce your soreness. It can help after a tough workout or even if you are suffering from tissue injuries. The anti-aging serum will help you get rid of those stubborn wrinkles, sun and age spots. It will aid your cells in creating new skin cells and staying moisturized.

Hydro Cell

This nutrient formula was created with IGF-1 to help you stay hydrated and feeling great. Just two drops for every 8 ounces of water will leave you feel revitalized and rehydrated, along with detoxing your cells and increasing your overall energy.

Velvet Antler Extract

While almost all of our products include VAE, this is the only one that is solely velvet antler extract. Made at first as anti-aging serum because of the high levels of IGF-1, it has recently been shown to allow for benefits such as improved sleep, better hair, skin and nails, stronger immune system, less recovery time after a workout, and less muscle soreness.


Everyone knows just how important a good night’s sleep is for our daily functions, and with Remabolic you will never worry about not falling asleep again. It has shown to help you achieve restful sleep to better help your body repair itself overnight. Better sleep will also reduce your stress levels and make you feel happier.

BioIdentical Support

This hormone support supplement comes in two varieties for both men and women. Each will increase your energy, improve your mood and help with production and absorption of male and female hormones, respectively.

BioProtein Technology

BioProtein Technology has worked hard to create the very best IGF-1 supplements available on the market. If you would like to learn more or if you are interested in becoming a distributor, contact us today.