If your clients often complain of having trouble falling or staying asleep most nights, you are probably looking for the best natural sleep aids to offer them. Today, insomnia and sleep-related disorders are experienced by a lot of people throughout the United States. The problem is that, too often, doctors are quick to prescribe harmful medications and pharmaceutical drugs—ones that often come with a long list of dangerous or unpleasant side effects. In addition, these medications are often quite costly and pose the risk of dependency. While they are a helpful go-to for an immediate fix, ultimately they only mask the symptoms of the problem and offer no real long-term solution.

This is why, at BioProtein Technology, we offer doctors, health care practitioners and wellness consultants exclusive access to our natural sleep aids which are 100% sustainably-sourced and made using only safe, natural ingredients and raw materials.

If you’re not resting well at night, you simply aren’t as healthy as you could be. Deprivation leads to a wide range of health issues and disorders, including:

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Irritability
  • And more

When the average person gets less than 7 hours of rest a night, or are continuously deprived, their bodies don’t function properly—their immune and nervous systems plummet and, as a result, so does their health and well-being. When your body is not functioning at its optimal levels, you become significantly more susceptible to illness and disease. So not only does your quality of sleep influence your day-to-day functioning, but it also plays a major role in your long-term health.

And taking pharmaceutical drugs every night isn’t going to help you it he long run. Most times these medications make patients feel groggy in the morning, so they drink a lot of caffeine to wake up, then are unable to fall asleep at night—and the cycle continues. Natural sleep aids eliminate this problem.

BioProtein Technology Natural Sleep Aids

The real problem isn’t in finding a way to make someone fall asleep, as there are plenty of drugs out there that can chemically induce rest. The real problem is finding a way to treat the problem at its root, without relying on sedation.

By offering natural sleep aids designed and created by BioProtein Technology, you can help your customers fall—and stay—asleep. Our products work by providing the body with naturally-occurring hormones that are already present, just not in sufficient amounts. Our products help by reducing the stress hormone known as cortisol, which lets clients experience better quality of rest by regulating their REM cycles.

For more information, or if you are interested in becoming a distributor for our products, give us a call today!