IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) is a naturally occurring growth hormone capable of providing a wide array of health benefits.  Extensive research and studies have been performed showing that increased natural levels of this polypeptide provide a slew of health benefits, including:

• Stimulating Immune System

• Protecting the Immune System

• Anti-Aging Effects

• Increasing Bone Density

• Increased Muscle Growth


Many of the doctors that we work with have asked about the negative side effects of IGF-1 that they have heard in the news.  It’s important to note, these apply solely to synthetic versions that have been unsuccessfully copied in laboratories.  At BioProtein Technology, we do not offer any synthetic or isolated versions of IGF-1.  The insulin-like growth factor found in our velvet antler extract is a 70-chain amino acid sequence, the way your body naturally produces it on its own.

We can confidently back this up as the process behind producing our all-natural supplements is completely controlled by us.  From overseeing the raising of the elk on our farms in Idaho by our onsite, licensed veterinarian, to bottling the final product in our FDA-Certified Lab in Tampa, FL.  This ensures the final product for your patients are the purest single source of IGF-1.

To learn more about how we process and ensure we harvest the highest quality antler, please click here.


Individuals who are deficient in IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) can experience many negative symptoms associated with aging.  By taking BioProtein’s non-synthetic, all-natural supplements your patients can provide their body’s natural supply of IGF-1 to help with signs of aging.  Not only do are products help with signs of aging, they also:

• Boost Immune Response

• Build Muscle Mass

• Increase Lifespan

• Help Lose Fat

• Promote Bone, Tendon & Ligament Healing


Also, individuals or patients who are deficient in IGF-1 can experience multiple, seemingly unrelated, symptoms including:


• Reduced Performance During Exercise

• Loss of Skeletal and Muscle Strength

• Decreased Sex Drive

• Increased Body Fat

• Slower Hair Growth

• Insulin Resistance

• Depression

• Poor Memory

• Lowered Immune System


One of our most popular products is our Sub L Tropin.  This excellent supplement is made of a concentrated mixture of 18 natural-growth factors, including IGF-1.  Many med spas, natural practitioners and anti-aging clinics have reported their patients experiencing a multitude of positive effects after taking Sub L Tropin, including increases in energy, fat loss, and libido.  To learn more about this amazing supplement, please visit our Sub L Tropin product page.