To better understand how it can help you, let’s first take a look at exactly what this growth factor is, where it comes from, and what it is used for.

IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor), also sometimes referred to as “somatomedin C” or
“sulfation factor”, is a 70-chain amino acid sequence, naturally occurring growth hormone that offers a wide range of health benefits.

Where does it come from?

IGF-1 is naturally produced by the human body—usually by the liver as an endocrine hormone. However the growth factor levels can vary from person to person, as it can be affected by genetics, age, stress, exercise, nutrition, etc. Fortunately, velvet antler extract—a natural super food supplement—is a viable source of IGF-1, which helps people who are deficient in the proper levels of this growth hormone.

This extract comes from mature, male elk antlers—which are actually a renewable food source. Rest assured that no elks are—in anyway—harmed during this process. An elk’s antlers grow, on average, one inch every day; they harden, then fall off naturally—regrowing every year. This process can best be compared to clipping a human fingernail. At Bio Protein Technology we are the only vertically integrated antler extract company in the world; we treat all the elk on our farms humanely, keeping them in optimal health to produce IGF-1 products of the highest quality.

Who should take IGF-1 supplements?

When people experience a deficiency of IGF-1, typically due to under nutrition, lack of growth hormone receptors, or grown hormone sensitivity, they may experience negative side effects such as:

  • Decreased performance while exercising
  • Lower sex drive
  • Increased body fat
  • Insulin resistance
  • Slow hair growth
  • Poor memory
  • And more

While it is highly recommended for people with an IGF-1 deficiency, it can provide people of all age groups with a wide range of health benefits. Although it does not require a doctor’s prescription, it is recommended you consult with your doctor before taking it if you are under the age of 18.

How is it made?

All of the extract growth products made by Bio Protein Technology are created using raw material, allowing us to offer the most nutrient-dense and strongest products of their kind out there. We never use chemicals, binders, chemicals, GMOS, or fillers. The IGF-1 comes in a liquid form, as growth factors cannot be administered as oral tablets because the unstable molecules will break down once they hit the stomach acid. Capsules prevent proper absorption; whereas the alcohol in it acts as an all-natural preservative, strengthening and enhancing absorption into the bloodstream.

All of our supplements come in amber glass bottle packaging to prevent the sun’s harmful effects from degrading the bioactive components in it. We also chose glass bottles because growth factors bind to plastic.

How will it help me?

Whether or not you are deficient, IGF-1 can help by stimulating and protecting the immune system, slowing the aging process, increasing bone density, enhancing muscle growth and building muscle mass, healing bones, tendons and ligaments, and helping people to lose weight.

At Bio Protein Technology, we are national manufacturers and wholesale distributors of nutraceuticals who specialize in bio-identical growth factors. Since 2001, we have been providing health practitioners and wellness consultants with products to help their patients with safe, affordable, and effective products.

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