IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) is a naturally occurring growth hormone capable of providing a wide array of health benefits. Many studies and extensive research has been performed showing that increased natural levels of this polypeptide provide a slew of health benefits; from stimulating and protecting the immune system, to anti-aging effects, to increasing bone density and muscle growth.

Many of the doctors that we work with in the Los Angeles area have asked about the negative side effects of IGF-1 that they have heard in the news; however these apply solely to synthetic versions that have been unsuccessfully copied in laboratories. At BioProtein, our Sub L Tropin is made of a concentrated mixture of 18 natural growth factors, including IGF-1. Many med spas and anti-aging clinics in southern California, like Medical Age Management, have reported their patients experiencing a multitude of positive effects after taking Sub L Tropin, including increases in energy, fat loss, and libido.

How Does it Help?

Individuals who are deficient in IGF-1 can experience multiple seemingly unrelated symptoms including:

  • Reduced performance during exercise, skeletal and muscle strength, sex drive, and heart output
  • Increased body fat
  • Slower hair growth
  • Insulin resistance
  • Depression
  • Poor memory
  • Lowered immune system
  • And much more

In addition, naturally occurring insulin-like growth factor has been proven through extensive research to:

  • Increase lifespan and slow signs of aging
  • Boost immune response
  • Build muscle mass
  • Help lose fat
  • Promote bone, tendon, and ligament healing

Where Does Velvet Antler Extract Come From?

Velvet antler extract is a 100% natural super food supplement and a viable source of IGF-1. The extract we provide is derived from the growing antlers of mature male elk. Elk antlers regrow entirely from scratch year after year, and in fact, elk are the only mammals capable of continuously regenerating an appendage.

Antlers grow at a rate of over I inch per day in a cartilaginous state beneath a velvet-like skin which provides them with a constant supply of fresh blood and nutrients to assist growth. Eventually they calcify and fall off before beginning the process over again for the following year. In their growing state however, they present a rich biochemical matrix of beneficial growth factors, phospholipids, minerals, saturated fatty acids, and a full spectrum of amino acids.

No, we do not kill any elk to harvest their antlers. A quick snipping process can remove the antlers from with minimal stress or discomfort. The antlers are then free to grow back the following year, creating a renewable super food resource that can be shipped straight from our facilities to Los Angeles vendors, and vendors all over America.

BioProtein Technology

At BioProtein Technology, we create real health solutions to provide individuals with a healthier and longer life. Our velvet antler products are controlled entirely by us from raising the deer on our farms to bottling the final products. This ensures the final product is the purest single source of IGF-1 and other superfood materials. We use a 43:1 ratio for our products, which means we begin the process with 43 pounds of antler material and extract it down to only 1 pound of the purified product. Our unique 3 step extraction process allows us to provide velvet antler extract that is the most bio-actively available on the market.

Our IGF-1 Products

We do not offer any synthetic or isolated versions of IGF-1. The insulin-like growth factor found in our velvet antler extract is a 70-chain amino acid sequence, the way your body naturally produces it on its own.

At BioProtein Technology, the nutrients found in all of our velvet antler products are balanced and naturally derived; in this way the excess that your body doesn’t use is passed out through your urine to prevent any overdosing.

Our freeze dried extract that has been reduced down from the raw materials is further extracted twice more into organic grape alcohol. Our specialized delivery route preserves the bioactive molecules of IGF-1 and allows them to be rapidly absorbed directly into the blood stream, rather than broken down in the digestive track as with ingested tablets.

If you would like more information about distribution opportunities in Los Angeles or anywhere else in America, call us today at 800-895-4415 or send us an email from our contact page.