BioProtein Technology’s products are designed to achieve maximum bioactivity, absorption and effectiveness.  Oral routes of delivery offer major advantages over traditional encapsulated formulas, especially for sensitive compounds subject to high rates of degradation and/or low intestinal absorption. This process avoids the degrading action of the gastrointestinal tract’s poor absorption in the intestines, and of the metabolism in the liver, which may decrease the bioactivity of traditional ingested tablets by 90%.

Instead, the oral delivery mechanism of our product allows the nutrient’s rich bioactive molecules to be absorbed directly into the blood stream orally and through the interior lining of your cheeks.  Our choice of delivery method ensures that the important growth factors contained in the velvet antler extract are delivered unaltered into the body and at a high rate of absorption, rather than broken down in the digestive tract.


The use of organic grape alcohol in our velvet antler extract products works to stimulate the under-the-tongue tissue responsible for allowing the diffusion of nutrients into the bloodstream.

The unique properties of organic grape sugars make organic grape alcohol an exemplary extractor of nutrients, all the while preserving the organic components of the VAE.  In addition to being hypoallergenic, our grape alcohol is entirely free from gluten as well as genetic modification.


BioProtein Technology products only use amber glass bottles which prevent the harmful effects of sunlight from degrading the bioactive components of the extract, thus protecting the quality and the effectiveness of our VAE products.  Since growth factor molecules tend to bind to plastic (bottles, droppers, and spray nozzles), the all-glass container prevents polypeptides from binding.  Therefore, our packaging provides a superior environment for our velvet antler extract products.