At Bio Protein, we are currently looking for doctors and health practitioners in Chicago, Illinois who are interested in providing their patients with an exclusive line of natural supplements that are of the highest quality. More and more people are taking an active interest in natural health remedies—which is good news for doctors and health professionals who are wary about prescribing certain medications and pharmaceutical drugs due to their long list of harmful side effects. And while there are a good amount of vitamins and dietary supplements that can be bought over the counter at food stores and pharmacies, they are not always as safe and natural as often advertised as.

Because the Food and Drug Administration has such loose guidelines and restrictions for dietary supplements, it is up to the manufacturers to follow best practices in the designing, creating and distributing of their “natural supplements,” and consumers to be thorough in their search for the right products with the best ingredients. As a health professional, you have a distinct advantage of offering patients in Chicago, Illinois the highest quality of products, without having to write a prescription they have to shell out tons of money for.

Benefits of Our Natural Supplements

At BioProtein, we are a vertically integrated velvet antler company that has been creating, manufacturing and distributing nutraceuticals to doctors and healthcare professionals nationwide. We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products because we oversee every single step of the process. In fact, the velvet antler extract and IGF-1 that are in our supplements come from the male elk we humanely raise on our family-owned Idaho farms. We never outsource any of the materials or ingredients, and exercise full control over the making of our products—from conception to bottling!

One of the reasons so many of our customers prefer our natural supplements over competitors’—not just in Chicago and throughout Illinois, but all across the country!—is because we offer unique formulas that can be used as all-in-one prevention for illnesses and ailments, as well as to treat and alleviate the symptoms of specific conditions, such as premature aging, menopause, insomnia, weight gain, etc. The list goes on and on.

All of our products are backed by extensive research, and each and every ingredient we use serves an essential purpose and benefits the health of consumers. In addition, it is safe for all ages and don’t come with any negative side effects—which is a nice change of pace from so many of the prescription medications and pharmaceutical drugs emerging on the market nowadays.

Natural Supplements versus Dietary Supplements

Again, with the FDA being so lenient with which products are allowed to pass themselves off as “natural,” it is essential for both health professionals and consumers to be thoroughly informed on the creation and manufacturing process of a supplement before taking it. When patients come to your office looking for effective forms of treatment, they do so with the utmost confidence that you will provide them with the safe solution and, hopefully, one that is reasonably affordable.

At BioProtein, our exclusive line of nutraceuticals and natural supplements makes that an easy and seamless process. To learn more about our products, or if you are interested in becoming a distributor in the Chicago, Illinois area, give us a call today!