Nowadays, more and more people are turning to natural supplements to maintain their health. We know that it is important to maintain a healthy diet, and that there are certain vitamins and nutrients required by our body for optimal functioning.  Unfortunately, with the fast-paced society we live in, we are always on-the-go, which often makes eating a balanced, healthy diet inconvenient, and sometimes, impossible.

This is why natural supplements are so beneficial.  They provide the body with the nutrients we can’t get from diet alone – in the appropriate amounts.  From multivitamins and minerals, to amino acids, fiber and lipids, it’s hard to blame anyone who might feel like they just can’t keep up with all that is required of them to maintain optimal health.  For health practitioners and wellness consultants, this can be frustrating.  We see the amounting health issues, but struggle to provide people with the appropriate therapies needed to effectively treat their issues without disrupting their lifestyle.


Because natural supplements are sold over the counter, they are easy to access and a lot less expensive than prescription drugs.  In addition to providing necessary minerals and vitamins, they can also help with a wide range of issues, such as sleep disorders, mood, mental clarity and focus, high cholesterol levels, and more.

There are countless benefits to supplementing.  Primarily, the body recognizes the components of these ingredients (unlike many of the ingredients added to processed foods), which means when they are consumed, the body knows what to do with them, how to break them down, and process them properly.  Although supplements can’t claim to treat any disease, they can prevent and eliminate the risk factors that lead to health issues and immune deficiencies.

Natural supplements, sometimes referred to as herbal supplements, are not pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, or preservatives.  Nor are they replacements for meals.  People still need to eat nutritious, whole foods and a balanced diet, but these provide the nutrients that a patient’s diet may not be able to.  Once people learn about the many benefits of supplementing, they become more inclined to take them and, therefore, improve their health.  Which is good news for everyone!


At BioProtein Technology, we are a national manufacturer and distributor of nutraceuticals that specializes in bio-identical growth factors.  We offer health and wellness practitioners throughout the United States the option of and exclusive product line with low-volume, private labeling or the become part of our affiliate program.  What does this mean for you?  You can provide your patients with therapies that are natural, safe, effective, and affordable!


We have an expansive range of products, including those that help with:

• Anti- aging

• Weight Loss

• Sleep Quality

• Menopause Symptoms

• Muscular Endurance

• And more


We make it a point to remind people that although these supplements do not require a prescription from their doctor, they should still always consult with a health practitioner before taking them—especially if pregnant, under-going surgery, or taking any other forms of medication.

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