Natural vs Human Growth Hormone

Natural vs Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is all the rage these days, though not in the best of sense. The synthetic treatment once known for hitting bombs out of the ballpark, is starting to lose it’s juice. But why now?


Every week, it seems more and more questions are being asked about the effectiveness of human growth hormones. And every week the answers are getting longer and longer as people try to justify their use of the product. The truth is we now know of too many negative side effects when it comes to human growth hormones, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, enlargement of breast tissue for men, increased insulin resistance and  joint and muscle pain, just to name a few.


In some ways more painful, many people use human growth hormone in the mistaken belief it will increase their strength and muscle mass. In reality, or rather science, an increase in muscle size is the result of an increase in connective tissue. Proof again of answering getting longer and longer when questioning the effectiveness of human growth hormones.


Today, more people are turning to more natural hormone treatments to get answers, and likewise results. Unlike human growth hormones, natural treatments are free from chemical treatments and additives. Naturally, these non-synthetic therapies work easier with the body as they are derived from living organisms, making it hard to strike out when playing for the same team.


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