Signs You May Not be Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is the best thing we can do for ourselves to restore and repair our bodies. Many assume that everyone gets a healthy eight hours of sleep regularly, however, sleep deprivation continues to be one of the most common health issues among American adults. Simply put – we aren’t getting enough of it.


You may have lived most of your adult life needing multiple cups of coffee in the morning and a soda in the afternoon, thinking that a measly six hours of sleep is enough to get you by. These habits may seem normal to you, and while the proper amount of sleep is different for everyone, adults need somewhere between seven and eight hours in one night.


Common symptoms of sleep deprivation include:


  • Feelings of tiredness, irritability, and fatigue during the day

  • Trouble focusing

  • Memory issues

  • Lowered libido

  • Trouble getting up the morning, frequently hitting the snooze button on your alarm

  • Lethargy and drowsiness in the afternoon

  • Napping during the day


Effects of sleep deprivation are often serious and include:


  • Change in energy levels, causing lack of performance at work

  • Craving sugar and poor dietary habits

  • Mental health issues like depression and anxiety or increased stress

  • Weakened immune system

  • Weakened body functions such as cardiovascular disease

  • Aging

  • Weight gain


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