Menopause hits everyone differently, but one thing is definite: this stage of life can be extremely uncomfortable for women. Oftentimes, when they become frustrated with pharmaceuticals inability to help ease their transition, women will turn to looking for natural menopause relief options. BioProtein wants to help make this transition as easy as possible, which is why we have put together a lift of simple ways to get the relief you are searching for.

  1. Make sure you are eating right. Some of the best medicines are in the foods we eat, as long as you are eating balanced and healthy meals. Eating 3-4 small meals along with some snacks will keep your metabolism working and your blood sugar stable. Make sure to have a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each meal, even breakfast! This will ensure you are getting the best vitamins and nutrients just from your food.
  2. Natural remedies that have hormones. It is no secret that natural and herbal remedies have amazing powers and results, especially for natural menopause relief. IGF-1, found in velvet antler extract, helps to balance hormones and replenish any diminished levels to help you feel your best.
  3. Exercise as much as you can. Regular exercise will help to lower your fat levels, which can upset progesterone and estrogen levels. You don’t need to be heading to the weight room every time; some jogging, yoga, swimming, or biking can help tremendously with natural menopause relief. The changes in hormones can cause your body to hold onto more fat than it used to, but moving regularly each day will help combat that.
  4. Combat your stress levels. While some women find that anti-depressants can be helpful during this time, not everyone wants to take more pharmaceutical drugs. Finding natural ways to beat stress will help you achieve total body wellness.

This transition is different for everyone, which is why everyone will need slightly different natural menopause relief options. Contact us today at BioProtein Technology to see how our all natural remedies can help you during this time.