Struggling With Sleep? This Can Help

Sleep is one of the most important activities we can participate in to protect our mental and physical health. Even so, the CDC reports that nearly 30% of adults in the United States do not get enough of it, and almost a third of all those adults have missed out on work and important life events due to sleep-related problems. Sleep deficiency is a serious issue and can cause work performance to slip, car accidents (a lack of sleep causes a lack of focus), problems in relationships, and mood disorders. If you are having trouble sleeping consistently, you may be wondering if there is anything out there that can help.


Common symptoms of sleep deprivation or poor sleep quality can include:


  • Lowered reaction time

  • Poor cognitive performance

  • Weight-related problems

  • Depression

  • Decreased libido

  • A weaker immune system

  • Poor general mental health


BioProtein’s technology has formulated an easy-to-use solution that helps hundreds of adults get back to healthy sleep through the use of physician-approved formulas catered specifically to your individual needs.


We know that sleep is essential, which is why we formulated the BioPro+ Corti-Sleep, a natural hormone treatment designed to promote deep sleep patterns while decreasing stress levels. Getting a full night of deep, restful sleep is the key to good sleep. Our formula can help regenerate and rebuild body tissue and help fight against the aging process as well.


Since our formulas are not synthetic, you can expect that your fight against poor sleep will not have any unwanted side effects. They will not conflict with other medications either. It is both safe and effective, helping you take back your health. Learn more about our formula here.