Technology That Helps Keep You on Track

At BioProtein Technology, we do not just believe in handing you a health treatment and hope you will do the rest. We know that taking control of your health and changing your habits requires accountability and a little bit of help to help you get there. That is why we have developed a natural hormone treatment that comes with an interactive system to help you make sure you stay on target.


How can you get all the benefits if you do not actually take the daily supplements? Our interactive mobile patient system is the first of its kind and can be downloaded onto your smartphone. The app is completely free. You will get a personalized profile, progress tracking, and automated reminders to help you stay on track.


When you order your personalized hormone treatment (always physician approved), you will get 28 daily doses sent right to your doorstep, all within 24 hours in most cases. From the moment it arrives, you can download the app and activate your account. Set up daily automated reminders and make use of our interactive tracking calendar.


For the first 28 days, we will send your reminders to take your daily doses through email or text – which one is up to you!


To get started, just hit the link in the email or text, log in to your BioProtein calendar, and take your sublingual. You can start the countdown timer (you will need to hold for 90 seconds), then swallow. Once you have completed that, you can make the daily dose as complete.


Not only do we help you stay focused, but through your commitment to your health, you will receive rewards from tracking your progress. Reach milestones, get on hot streaks, and earn special bonuses just for being consistent.