The Benefits of Whey Protein

Many people take protein supplements or additives to their diet once they begin an exercise regime (especially weight training). While protein can be derived from your diet, if you are working your muscles out more than you normally would, adding protein to your diet can help them recover and stay strong.


Whey protein is one of the most popular ways to do so. You can typically find whey protein in powder form, which can easily be added to smoothies or liquids like water or milk. It is one of the primary proteins found in dairy products, providing a significant amount of essential amino acids to help protein perform in the body.


During exercise training, whey protein may help speed up muscle recovery. It may also help with wound healing. Whey protein has been revered as the “gold standard” for protein powders because of its amino acid profile and because it is more easily digestible than others. Many protein quality measures identify whey protein has the highest biological value, and when compared with other sources of protein, it has the highest branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) – this helps with muscle protein synthesis.


BioProtein Technology, which provides natural hormone treatments, is now offering a way to help you get the protein you need and help your muscles grow strong. Our Grass Fed Whey Protein helps maximize your workout results and promote recovery on your off days.


Available in a vanilla flavor, our whey protein is easy to incorporate into your diet. Just mix three scoops with four to six ounces of your beverage of choice.


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