If you find yourself suffering because of decreased energy and weight gain and you feel that you have tried every diet supplement and crazy pill out there, it is time to give velvet antler extract (VAE) from BioProtein Technology a try. If you’re never heard of the benefits of IGF-1 or VAE then you are missing out on the tremendous possibilities when it comes to boosting your health.

The History

Eastern medicine practices differ from those of the west by shifting the focus onto the body as a whole entity. Stressors that negatively impact our health are identified and with the help of natural supplements, create harmony and wellbeing in our bodies. This is not something we came up with ourselves, in fact, the natural ingredients have been used by ancient cultures for thousands of years and they still work today. Velvet antler extract is one of these ingredients and it has been an integral part of eastern medicine since 168 B.C. Our ancestors believed in its powers then and our clients agree that it still does wonders.

The Benefits of Velvet Antler Extract

Decreased energy and weight gain are two possible symptoms of a deficiency in growth hormones. Our bodies naturally produce these hormones, but leading an un-healthy or stressful lifestyle can lead to a decrease. The antlers of moose, elk and deer contain IGF-1 (a naturally occurring growth hormone). Antlers grow at a rate of 1 inch per day and if they are snipped during this growth process, the IGF-1 can be harvested. Increasing your body’s production of this polypeptide by ingesting it can result in numerous health benefits including stimulating your immune system, promoting anti-aging and increasing muscle growth.

Not all velvet antler extract products are the same. Our staff has done the research and developed an oral delivery system that offers the most advantageous formula.

The Process

There is no need to worry about the elk or the ways in which the velvet antler extract is extracted. The process is completely harmless and does not put stress on the animals. Our elk are kept at our farm facility in Idaho and we directly oversee the process from harvest to bottling. Our breeding and timing methods ensure that we are creating the purest and best possible product for our customers. The elk’s antlers are constantly growing and they even lose their antlers once a year making the product a true renewable super food.

Unlike some competitors you may see on the market, BioProtein Technology does not offer any form of synthetic or isolated versions of IGF-1. These synthetic copies are known to cause problems and negative side effects in people who try to use them. Our IGF-1 contains the same chain of amino acids that the body produces naturally. Once we extract the IGF-1 from the antlers, we freeze dry it and extract it further into organic grape alcohol. It is packaged as a liquid and a dropper, which allows easy and rapid absorption directly into the blood stream. Our process preserves the bioactive molecules and you won’t have to worry about it being broken down in the digestive track.

BioProtein Technology

BioProtein Technology has been the nation’s leader in velvet antler extract (VAE) products since our beginning in 2001. We specialize in creating and distributing natural supplements that do not require the hassle of prescriptions. We only use the highest quality materials and by having complete control over our processes we can guarantee that your product will enrich and rejuvenate your health. If you would like to improve your weight loss success, increase your muscle endurance, and improve your immune function along with many other benefits, find a distributor of BioProtein Technology’s velvet antler extract near you.

If you think your patients would benefit from taking our supplements, we also offer distributorship opportunities to medical professionals. Our products offer a safe and effective alternative to prescription medications. Contact us today about get started!