Many people use natural sleep aids to achieve better sleep. On average, adults are supposed to get between 6-8 hours of rest a night but research shows we only get about 4 hours. Without the proper amount of REM, our bodies cannot properly function or process new information, which could lead to serious short and long term complications. If you are getting under the minimum, consider the consequences your schedule could be having on your life.

Effects on the Mind

If you get enough rest after performing a task or learning something new, you are much more likely to remember what you have done. A Harvard study also found that your mind can process and organize thoughts better while you sleep, making you a more creative person.

And On the Body

Getting plenty rest can lessen harmful inflammations, which can be linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature aging. Proteins that are associated with heart disease are found in people who do not get enough, and people who lack rest also tend to have higher blood pressure.

Achieving REM is important for re-growing and rebuilding body tissue lost in injuries and aging. When you reach peak REM, your hormones work harder and lower stress hormones and all the while raising muscle building hormones.

Natural Sleep Aids

People often turn to aids when they are tired of never getting restful sleep, but some can do more harm than good. Over the counter aids can have addictive qualities and can also have undesirable side effects such as headaches, mental slowness, and dizziness. If you believe you need some help, try a natural sleep aid like Remabolic which helps you fall asleep as well as promotes fat loss and reduces stress levels.

If you would like to implement natural sleep aids into your life, call Bio Protein Technology to find out which products would be the best for your life and for your distribution needs. Bio Protein products do not require prescriptions and can be used safely in your own home. Call today at 800-895-4415 for better rest and a healthier lifestyle.