Here at BioProtein Technology, we control the entire production process, from the conception of the elk at our farms in Idaho, to the bottling of our velvet antler extract in FDA-Compliant lab in Tampa, FL.  Having complete oversight ensures we harvest only the highest-quality antler and allows us to create a product strength not possible before.  We do not outsource anything. We oversee every step of the extraction process – all the way to the bottling of extract.  BioProtein’s patent-pending extract is the most nutrient dense and strongest velvet antler extract available anywhere.


Before the purchase of our farms in Idaho, we initially imported raw material from New Zealand.  But inconsistencies with the product quality prompted us to look at elk farms in the United States where we could have complete control of our products.  The eventual purchase created the only vertically integrated antler extract company in the world. 

On our farms, our breeding program is crafted to raise elk that produce the most abundant and highest quality VAE possible, while simultaneously serving the needs of the animals.  We have strict rules governing everything from the extraction to the quality tests it must undergo before being sold.  Our elk are supervised and protected year round by our onsite licensed veterinarian.  Our veterinarian oversees the entire process .  Our elk are treated humanely and kept in optimal heath, enabling us to produce the highest quality velvet antler extract year after year.

While other companies get their antler extract from deer, we extract ours for the antlers of elk.  Elk are generally healthier than deer, so they live longer and they are also much larger, with larger antlers.  This allows us to extract more antler extract by using  less antlers, overall.


This is the number one question we receive.  The elk are not harmed and feel no pain during the clipping process.  Again, we have complete oversight as we own the elk farms and employ an onsite veterinarian who serves the needs of the elk and takes the appropriate measures to ensure that the elk are not harmed in any way.  We have perfected our extraction process to be quick, completely painless and stress-free.  Antlers harden and fall off naturally each year, re-growing the following year.  This is a natural-occurring process whether we clip or not. 


Our clipping process ensures the health and welfare of our elk, as well as the safety and high standard of our products.  Like any farming trade, producing a high-quality product requires years of experience, knowledge, and passion for the product.  Our onsite veterinarian places particular attention to the harvesting process making certain the needs of the elk are met.  The elk are never harmed and feel no pain during the clipping process.

The timing and methods we use to harvest the antlers are second to none.  Each year, during late spring, we harvest and collect the raw material of the velvet extract by clipping the antler while they are in their cartilaginous state.  This time of year is their accelerated growth period, giving us the highest level of nutrients available.  Over the course of the following year, the antlers are regrown making our products renewable and environmentally friendly.

Again, our process is completely pain-free for the elk.  On top of not wanting to cause harm to the animal, we know that a stressed out elk will not be as healthy, which leads to an inferior product.  At BioProtein Technology, we strive to keep our animals as healthy and happy as possible.


Once the antler is clipped, we freeze-dry the antler within the first 5 minutes.  This has shown to be 13X more effective for preserving growth factors.  We get protein concentration of over 95% giving our products, an extremely high concentration of growth factors

We use a 43:1 ratio for our products, which means we begin the process with 43 pounds of antler material and extract it down to only one pound of the purified product.  Our unique 3-step extraction process allows us to provide velvet antler extract that is the most bio-actively available on the market.  Our freeze dried extract that has been reduced down from the raw materials is further extracted twice more into organic grape alcohol.  Our specialized delivery route preserves the bioactive molecules of IGF-1 and allows them to be rapidly absorbed directly into the blood stream, rather than broken down in the digestive track as with ingested tablets.

We take pride in having the most potent and bio-actively available velvet antler extract on the market. None of the BioProtein Technology raw materials are outsourced or sold to other suppliers.


Antlers grow at a rate of over 1 inch per day in a cartilaginous state beneath a velvet-like skin which provides them with a constant supply of fresh blood and nutrients to assist growth.  Eventually they calcify and fall off before beginning the process over again for the following year.  In their growing state, however, they present a rich biochemical matrix of beneficial growth factors, phospholipids, minerals, saturated fatty acids, and a full spectrum of amino acids.  Elk antlers incredible nutritional benefits are a continuous, renewable source.