Life-Improving, All-Natural Products

At BioProtein Technology, we offer life-improving, all-natural products to patients of wellness consultants, healthcare practitioners, and alternative-medicine physicians. We are a national manufacturer and distributor of all-natural supplements and nutraceuticals specializing in bio-identical growth factors.  Our main focus and what makes our products so popular is the super-food, velvet antler extract (VAE).  Made up of 18 bio-identical growth factors, VAE offers a wide range of health and medicinal benefits to patients of all ages and conditions. Some incredible benefits include:

• Increases Energy

• Speeds Up Recovery

• Promotion of Sleep

• Increases Libido

• Helps with Depression

• Slows Weight Gain

• Assists with Aging Skin

• Reduces Body Fat

Used by professional athletes and celebrities around the world for years, velvet antler extract is one of the world’s oldest superfoods and the most nutrient-dense supplements available today.  With so many people (patients) seeking safe and natural therapies from their health products and supplements, velvet antler extract is a perfect fit, bringing balance to the body resulting in lean muscle, fat loss, better sleep, strength gains and increased energy and vitality.  Consisting of 18 bio-identical growth factors, VAE  provides a viable source of the IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor).  IGF-1 is a naturally occurring growth hormone capable of providing a wide array of health benefits. 

Only The Highest-Quality Products

Here at BioProtein Technology, we only use the highest quality all-natural, raw materials.  Our products have no binders, chemicals, or fillers and no raw material has been touched with GMO or other potentially harmful materials.  Because we are a vertically integrated company, we oversee and control the entire process, making sure we produce and provide safe and effective products.  While some companies will outsource to other countries for antlers, and others will sell synthetic versions of IGF-1, we are completely all natural!  To learn more about our product process check our our blog post by clicking here.

Eastern Medicine

Velvet antler extract has been used for over two thousand years in ancient Eastern medicine and is second only to ginseng, in importance, for the mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, the first mention of it dates back to 168 B.C.!  The practice of Eastern medicine, also called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), centers around the idea that the body should be treated as a whole and physicians should consider how all of the different systems work together.  Click here for more information on the connection between Eastern Medicine and velvet antler extract.