At BioProtein Technology, we love modern medicine; however, we also think there is something to be said for looking back to the ideals of Eastern medicine. We believe that you do not have to completely ignore the health and wellness traditions of the past, but instead, try to mesh them with current ideas. This way, we are able to create products with ingredients proven to work for thousands of years, backed by current science. We even work hard to constantly tweak and improve upon the ancient recipes, to create the most effective wellness supplements available.

The Mind Body Connection

A key component of Eastern medicine is its belief in the power of the mind body connection. These days, when you go to the doctor if you are not feeling well, they are often quick to write a prescription and send you on your way, without any questions about your life. However, the mind body connection is based on the idea that our mind and body are acutely connected, and therefore must both be treated for someone to achieved total body wellness.

While Western medicine focuses only on helping you when you are sick, Eastern medicine focuses both on helping you when you are sick as well as keeping you as healthy as possible. In fact, in ancient China, it wasn’t unheard of for people to visit physicians even when they were healthy, just to see if there was any way to better increase their total body wellness. And because total body wellness includes your mind, many practitioners would take the time to see what lifestyle factors may be affecting their patients’ health.

How BioProtein Technology Uses Eastern Medicine Ideals

One of the key ingredients in Eastern medicine practices is deer antler, also known as velvet antler extract. While ancient practitioners used it because it allowed their patients to achieve total body wellness, they never really knew the science behind it. Their theory was that deer, elk, moose, and reindeer are the only mammals that have regenerating body parts (antlers), so those antlers must have incredible powers.

At BioProtein Technology, we have discovered that these antlers can grow at the rate of one inch per day and regenerate each year after falling off because they are naturally packed full of the growth hormone IGF-1. While humans naturally produce this as well, its levels decline as well age, leading to energy decreases, weight gain, and insomnia. Supplementing with velvet antler extract replenishes your body’s IGF-1 levels, which is why Eastern medicine physicians found it so effective. It is not meant to treat a specific illness or condition; rather it is used to improve your entire body and all of its systems.

We have seen firsthand how helpful these supplements can be, which is why we worked hard to actually improve this ancient recipe. Instead of using deer antlers, we found that elk are healthier and larger, leading to a better quality of product. In addition, ancient practices dictated that the antlers be thinly sliced and brewed in a tea; we have found that creating the VAE in liquid form, with organic grape alcohol, allows for the highest rate of absorption.

Become a Distributor

If you are a wellness professional who believes that ancient Eastern medicine practices can still benefit your patients today for everything from working out to menopause relief, contact us today about becoming a distributor. This way, when your patients are searching for an all-natural way to feel well, you can offer them high quality, completely natural products that can help with a variety of problems, all without the side effects of pharmaceuticals.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact us today at BioProtein Technology to learn more and get started!