Many people are being denied the wide array of benefits velvet antler extract products provide simply because they have been misinformed about the substance. Not only are VAE supplements safe for consumption, but they are great for men and women of all ages with all different lifestyle concerns.

At BioProtein Technology, we manufacture and distribute some of the most potent nutraceuticals in the country in order to promote health and wellness to people of all shapes, sizes, demographics, and fitness levels. Anyone who is interested in holistic, natural supplementation can enjoy and benefit from velvet antler extract products.

Do You Want to Enhance Your Athletic Performance?

Whether you are a bodybuilder or you are a ballerina, you can benefit from BioProtein Technology’s products. Many of the nutritional components found in VAE boost endurance and rebuild muscle mass and cartilage, so you can train hard and recover fast.

The IGF-1 found in these products promotes healthy cell regeneration, so injuries will heal faster and workout recovery times won’t take as long.

Because these products have also been known to improve circulation and promote strong bone density and muscle mass, athletes can see increased endurance with fewer injuries.

Do You Want to Turn Back the Clock?

The naturally high levels of IGF-1 in our velvet antler extract products make it the perfect supplement for people looking to slow down the natural aging process. Unlike costly cosmetic surgeries and injections, supplementing is a natural way for people to reduce wrinkles, improve memory function, and improve daily moods. People have found that supplementing allows them to enjoy many anti-aging effects.

Additionally, VAE assists in balancing hormone production levels, which can increase both male and female sex drives, which often dwindle with age.

Healthy hormone production can also facilitate a more comfortable transition for women in menopause.

Do You Want a Natural Way to Improve Your Overall Wellbeing?

Some people who consume BioProtein Technology’s velvet antler extract aren’t interested in anti-aging effects or workout results specifically. In fact, many are simply health-conscious individuals looking for a supplement to improve the way their body functions.

The immunoglobulins in VAE products are recognized for stimulating the immune system, which helps your body fight off infections and diseases more effectively. The nutrients found in VAE products also support the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen and stimulate red blood cell production, which can help improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Velvet Antler Extract Distributorship Opportunities

As one of the leaders in nutraceuticals nationwide, we are always searching for new distributors to pass along the benefits of velvet antler extract. If you’re a health or wellness professional who believes in holistic supplementation, consider becoming a distributor. You can offer patients an all-natural way to improve their overall quality of life though all-natural dietary supplements.

To learn more about the product lines offered or to become a distributor for your patients, give us a call today!