For more than ten years, BioProtein Technology has worked to engineer the best deer antler supplements on the Western health market. We firmly believe that we have succeeded at this mission for one important reason: every step of our process is natural.

Natural Ingredients

While many competitors offer products that boast all the nutritional benefits of velvet antler extract, not all use raw ingredients to create their products. Instead, companies choose to use artificial fillers, and synthetic ingredients to create a product that is not as natural as its bottle boasts.

At BioProtein Technology, our products come directly from elk stags to provide consumers with fully organic nutritional compounds. Additionally, we use organic grape alcohol that allows for maximum absorption rates in consumers.

Natural Extraction and Harvesting

In order to use only the rawest of ingredients to make the best deer antler supplements possible, BioProtein Technology raises elk on a company-owned farm in Idaho. Unlike some companies that import extract from places like New Zealand, we control and monitor the entire extraction process to ensure the highest quality products.

Our harvesting methods ensure complete safety to all elk. In fact, the process is similar to clipping your fingernails, so you know the animals do not feel any pain as the clippings occur. Happy stags mean healthier growths and higher quality health products.

Natural Bottling for the Best Deer Antler Supplements

The bottling process is one of the most overlooked steps by competitors. The growth factor molecules found in velvet antler extract often bind to plastic bottles, droppers, and spray nozzles, which is why BioProtein Technology only uses amber glass bottles. Our packaging protects the extract from the harmful effects of sunlight exposure and polypeptide binding, so all consumers are receiving the best deer antler supplements possible.

More About BioProtein Technology

At BioProtein Technology, we believe that using an all-natural approach is the key to creating high-quality products. This approach to health and wellness is what makes our dietary products the best available on the Western health supplement market.

For more information about our superior product lines, contact us today.