Why Hydration is so Important

Hydration is about so much more than just ensuring you get the appropriate amount of water every day. There is a reason that getting enough water and hydration into your diet is so important. Water helps regulate body temperature, keep our joints lubricated, prevent disease and infections, deliver the much-needed and crucial nutrients to our cells, improve sleep and cognition, helps brighten our mood, and help maintain well-running organ systems.


Our body needs to stay hydrated to run well. Our blood system carries oxygen and glucose as well, assisting the kidney in getting rid of waste. Without water, our bodies don’t run as best as they can. Low fluid levels can be noticed when you feel headaches, dizziness, bad concentration, dry mouth, and general feelings of lethargy.


Dehydration is dangerous longer-term and can cause infections and illness in the kidneys and nearly every other organ in the body.


Adults need around 11 cups of water every day (for women) and 16 cups (for men). It is important that to stay hydrated, you also stay away from sugary drinks and energy drinks. If you feel like you are constantly dehydrated, examine your diet to see if you are taking in too much sugar, especially through beverages.


Need additional hydration? BioProtein’s Hydro Cell can help add hydration into your everyday diet. Hydro Cell is alkalizing, chelating, and re-mineralizing and can be added directly into the water. Just two drops in eight fluid ounces of water can help provide your body with electrolytes, humic acid, trace colloidal ionic minerals, fulvic acid, amino acids, B vitamins, enzymes, and unique polysaccharides.


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