Supplementing Your Patient’s Healthy Lifestyle with Life-Improving, All-Natural Products

Here at BioProtein Technology, we work exclusively with wellness and alternative practitioners who are committed to providing safe, effective and completely natural products to their patients. Our goal is to help you help your patients achieve optimum health by providing products that assist with:

Recovery Support
Promotion of Sleep

Improved Nutrition
Increased Hydration
Enhancing Athletic Performance 

As with our current clients, understanding the powerful benefits behind our products and program will give you complete confidence knowing your patients will be getting the safe, all-natural products they want and deserve.


“I have been getting tremendous feedback from my patients and with myself. These results are superior to any HGH therapy I have ever tested.”
Dr. Cabrera , Genesis Health Institute, Miami, FL

Partnering with Like-Minded Professionals Like Yourself

BioProtein Technology is a national manufacturer and wholesale distributor of nutritional products specializing in bio-identical growth factors. We have been partnering with practitioners, like yourself, in the health and wellness industry since 2001.  We’re confident that building a long-lasting relationship with BioProtein Technology will be mutually beneficial to you and your patients!

Whether you’re already living a healthy lifestyle or you are about to begin your life-changing journey, we carry the products to help meet your goals and ambitions. Our all-natural product line will help you with your energy levels, weight loss, recovery, mental focus, libido and more. To find out why our products work and why so many all-natural practitioners recommend them, click here.




The Power Behind Our Products

What sets us apart in this sometimes confusing, over-saturated industry? The secret to our robust product line is the key ingredient we use in all our products; velvet antler extract (VAE). VAE is a raw superfood made up of 18 bio-identical growth factors. These non-synthetic, protein-based structures contain the all-impressive IGF-1 growth factor. To learn more about this amazing growth factor hormone and see why so many all-natural practitioners and their patients are seeing positive results and continue to use our products, click here



Delivering Perfection – So You Get Maximum Results

Making sure our vision is realized and you, the consumer, always receive the best possible, all-natural product, we oversee and control the entire product-producing process. From our farm in Idaho to our FDA compliant facility in Tampa, FL, we know you will be getting the clean, all-natural products you demand.  Controlling the process gives us complete oversight into how our products are formulated, delivered into your body and packaged.  For more information and to get a better understanding of why we are so respected in anti-aging industry, click here.




Make the Right Choice Today!

If you are looking to recommend safe, all-natural products to your patients with the certainty you will not lose their trust, then a partnership with BioProtein Technology makes absolute sense.  Please call or email one of our Product Specialists to get started today!


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