Why Do We Have the Best Deer Antler Supplements?

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For more than ten years, BioProtein Technology has worked to engineer the best deer antler supplements on the Western health market. We firmly believe that we have succeeded at this mission for one important reason: every step of our process is natural. Natural Ingredients While many competitors offer products that boast all the nutritional benefits [...]

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What Is Deer Antler Protein?

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Deer antler protein is a powerful hormone modulating and tissue rebuilding formula. This is a multi-functional formula that balances hormones, shortens work out recovery times, increases one’s bone density, and improves both mood and cognition. It is a product that has been used for years by those who practice Traditional Chinese Medicine and is now [...]

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3 Tips for Finding Natural Menopause Relief

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Once a woman reaches the age of 45, she can start to expect symptoms of menopause to appear in her daily life. While some doctors may recommend hormone replacement therapies and other pharmaceuticals, it is important to remember that this is a natural phase of womanhood, not a disease. Therefore, women should know the natural [...]

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All Natural Anti-Aging Supplements

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For thousands of years, humans have been searching for ways to combat the aging process. Recently, more and more manufacturers are creating products that promise amazing results, but don’t deliver. However at BioProtein Technology, we know the secret to effective anti-aging supplements. Instead of looking for new and improved synthetic chemicals to help smooth wrinkles [...]

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Could IGF-1 Benefit Your Patients?

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Healthcare providers and wellness practitioners all across the United States are providing their patients with BioProtein Technology’s IGF-1 product line because of the wondrous ways it improves health and overall wellbeing. However, some doctors are still hesitant because they lack sufficient knowledge about the product and how it can improve their patients’ quality of life. [...]

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How Sleep Deprivation Can Hinder Your Quality of Life

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If your clients often complain of having trouble falling or staying asleep most nights, you are probably looking for the best natural sleep aids to offer them. Today, insomnia and sleep-related disorders are experienced by a lot of people throughout the United States. The problem is that, too often, doctors are quick to prescribe harmful [...]

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Who Uses Velvet Antler Extract?

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Many people are being denied the wide array of benefits velvet antler extract products provide simply because they have been misinformed about the substance. Not only are VAE supplements safe for consumption, but they are great for men and women of all ages with all different lifestyle concerns. At BioProtein Technology, we manufacture and distribute [...]

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Best Options for Natural Menopause Relief

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There is no denying that menopause is a difficult phase of life. From the mood swings to the hot flashes, many women search for helpful ways to combat their symptoms. Unfortunately, many doctors today are quick to write a prescription for synthetic hormones and assume that all pharmaceuticals are one-size-fits-all. However, not all treatments work [...]

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Deer Antler Supplements: Look Good Feel Good

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For centuries, those who practiced Traditional Chinese medicine had taken advantage of the amazing quality deer, elk, moose, and reindeer possess: the ability to regrow parts of their body. The excess parts can be harvested for deer antler supplements and now this ancient Chinese secret has made its way to the western hemisphere and is [...]

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Velvet Antler Extract Sources

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Unlike other natural supplements that only can be made from one specific plant or ingredient, velvet antler extract can be harvested from a variety of animals. While it is traditionally made from deer antlers, at BioProtein Technology, we have worked hard to perfect an ancient recipe in order for you to enjoy the most amount [...]

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